80 Circular Economy Line Icons

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The earth is the only living space we have for now. So unless we can find another hospitable planet, we need to take care of it. And that’s the point of having a circular economy. To minimize waste and making the most of the resources available in the world.

To minimize your risks, make the most of these 80 Circular Economy Icons! You’ll definitely learn what it is, and if your business or system is based on the concept of circular economy, you can market and present yourself as such with these icons! It is definitely the perfect way to bring more life to your ideas!

This Theme Park Icon Set Includes:

Artificial Intelligence, Bio-Based Materials, Biofuel, Blue Economy, By-Products-Recovery, Carbon Emissions, Cascading, Circular Design, Circular Economy-Architecture, Circular Economy Jobs, Circular Economy-01, Circular Economy-02, Circular Supply Chain, Circular Thinking, Circular Vs Linear Economy, Closed Loop, Compost Plastic Packaging, Compressed-Air-As-A-Service, Dematerialization, Downcycling, Durability, Ecodesign, End-Of-Life Disposal, E-Waste Campaign, E-Waste, Extraction Difficulty, Food Waste, Green Car, Green Earth, Green Economy, Green Factory, Green House, Landfill, Lighting-As-A-Service, Linear Economy, Logistics, Manufacturing, Marketing, Modular Design, Mutualism, No Plastic, Open Loop, Predictive Analytics, Product As A Service, Product Life Extension, Product Ownership, Product-Remanufacturing, Product Repair, Product Resale, Product Upgrade, Product Use, Recondition, Recovery, Recyclable Materials, Recycled Plastic-Bottle, Recycling, Renewable Energy, Resource Productivity, Resource Scarcity, Responsible Disposal, Reverse Logistics, Sales, Scrap Metal, Second Life, Sharing Economy, Sharing Platform, Sourcing, Sustainability, Tyres-As-A-Service, Upcycling, Urban Mining, Waste Facility, Waste Hierarchy, Waste Import Ban, Waste Management, Waste Recovery, Waste, Water Polution, Wind Turbines, Zero Waste

Formats Included:

* 1 .IconJar
* 1 .PDF
* 2 .AI
* 80 .EPS
* 80 .SVG
* 80 .PNG sized 256x256
* 80 .PNG sized 512x512

Compatible with Adobe XD, Figma, Sketch, Affinity Designer.

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You’ll get 80 of these absolutely high quality theme park icons ready to help you bring your great ideas to the world! These are vector files, which means they are very easy to scale! They can be stretched, skewed, or customized as you need to. Our aim is to help make your job easier, now all you have to do is relax and let these icons loose!
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