30 Black Paint and Ink Textures

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30 high resolution grunge paint and ink textures created using 100 handmade painted, stamped and ink textures (included in Adobe Photoshop file). Great for combining with images, illustrations, text, graphics and logos. Ideal for adding the extra dimension to your creative websites, apps and print designs. Layered Photoshop file allows you to create your own additional textures without getting your hands dirty.

Photoshop (PSD)\
• Layered Photoshop is included which contains 100+ textures used to create the final images\
• Textures can easily be combined to create additional textures\
• The photoshop file is clearly labelled and is easy to adjust and customise\
• Variations are almost limitless

• 2500×3500 pixels\
• Print size – 211 × 296mm (metric) at 300dpi\
• 8.33 x 11.67" (imperial) at 300dpi

Files included\
• 30 x High resolution greyscale jpeg files\
• 1 x Photoshop (PSD) with 100 layers
isLayered: 1
graphicsApplicationsSupported: Adobe Photoshop
graphicsFileTypes: JPG, PSD
dimensions: Px, 2500, 3500
resolution: 300, 8.3, 11.6