1980s Photo Actions for Adobe Photoshop

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10 Photo Actions with unlimited options let you turn your digital photography to analog one with one click!

I really love looking at old family photos that took my dad and mom in their youth ages. They were graduating in mid 80s and took tons of photographies with their friends. I love the magic of these retro photographies - everything has such shifted colours, with multiple glitches caused by sensitive analog cameras.

Photo films from this era have had beautiful tints, that are missing in the photography of digital era. You can still take photographs with old analog cameras, but it's quite expensive to develop a photography films with your equipment. And time consuming!

So as a 80s culture devotee, I decided to make these Photo Actions that helps you to turn your snapshot into 80s looking camera shot!

Attention, please!

1980s Photo Actions for Adobe Photoshop are not just some actions. It took to quite time to invent actions, that mimic authenticity of the analog cameras. I created 10 solid actions with multiple effects inside. You are always free to make adjustments, because all actions are non-destructive.

You have total control over the effects!

As a bonus, I added 33 Gradient Maps that allows you create multiple looks within one action. You have unlimited options to play with!

Product file includes:

* 1 Photoshop .atn File with 10 Photo actions
* Gradient Maps File with 33 Gradient Maps
addOnsFileTypes: ATN, GRD
addOnsApplicationsSupported: Adobe Photoshop
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