10 Light Laptop Mockups

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Elegant 3D laptop mockup pack in the trendy art style for creating a website presentation, such as an online shop app, web store, WordPress theme, fashion catalog, magazine, gaming or esports portal, a social media community, a mass media website, or online cinema service. It captivates the viewers with its golden glow, white glamour, and grey elegance.

Golden Glow\
The positive and eye-catching golden color adds the mockups a feel of richness, prosperity, and warmth. It suggests that the product is expensive and exclusive. Gold is also the color of victory, achievement, and nobility - a great choice for premium services.

White Glamour\
White is the most popular color in web design. Optimistic and fresh, the white color makes the content noble, clean and soft. It’s used to emphasize simplicity, accuracy, the beginning and the new.

Grey Elegance\
Depending on its shade and texture, grey can give a soothing and peaceful feel, or a strict professional and businesslike tone. In this pack we created balanced sophisticated variants that delicately highlight your screens and give them a fresh smart look.

Feel free to experiment with design within the pack: replace and change the elements scale, mix different backgrounds, visual elements, and colors to create your own new pictures.

- 10+ 3D laptop mockups
- Easy to edit
- Fully layered and well organized
- Smart Object ready
- Editable text and images
- The link to the font in the documentation

The pack includes:
1. Minimal typographic laptop mockup with big outline letters, white matt balls and golden figures made from wire.
2. Gentle floristic laptop mockup with white silky background decorated with milky balls and palm leaves painted in gold.
3. Shining silvery mockup with white tropical leaves and white planets.
4. Clean mockup with a close-up of a laptop on a brilliant textile background decorated with green leaves, white beads, and metallic grid.
5. Grey laptop mockup with polished tile on the background, white balls and golden splashes of lightning.
6. Dazzling mockup with a flickering silver background and bright white luminescent lamps in a dynamic composition.
7. Stunning double laptop mockup with a grey geometric background, white balls, golden circles and palm leaves.
8. Majestic laptop mockup on a white textile background decorated with a white sculpture pedestal, golden art objects floating in the air and grey shadows of long leaves.
9. Magnificent and delicate white mockup on a silky background decorated with a white sculpture pedestal, metallic art objects made from golden wire and furry figures: cone, circle, and curve.
10. Futuristic two laptops mockup with a grey polygonal background as if made from concrete, white balls, and bright lamps.
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