Metrica - ASP.NET MVC5 Admin & Dashboard Template

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Metrica is a ASP.NET MVC5 admin dashboard and multipurpose application ui kit. It is fully responsive and included awesome features to help build web applications fast and easy. The tones of well designed and developed layouts, components, elements, widgets and application pages allows you to create any saas based application, custom admin panel or dashboard application. The clean and flexible code enable you to easily customize it.


+ Responsive layout (desktops, tablets, mobile devices)
+ Bootstrap v4.4.1
+ Clean and Flat design
+ SASS Support
+ Analytics App
+ Crypto App
+ Project App
+ CRM App
+ Helpdesk App
+ Ecommerce App
+ Hospital App
+ Login, register, error pages
+ Login-alt, register-alt, error-alt pages
+ Email Templates
+ Form validation
+ Apex Charts Library
+ Invoice with ready print button
+ Profile page
+ Google, Vector maps & Leaflet maps
+ Drop zone file upload
+ Summernote Editor
+ 8+ Charts Library
+ Datatable
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